Your DIY Party Cheat Sheet: How to Party Like a DIY Goddess

Written by: Shin Kitane/Wednesday, Aug 03, 2016 12:06 PM

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Whether you’re planning a children’s party or a simple get-together, do-it-yourself (DIY) parties are a chic, fun way to inject personality and detail to your next event. If you’ve always wanted to throw a DIY party but don’t know where to start, fear not! It can be as simple or grand as you prefer and that’s what makes it such a fun way to celebrate special moments.

What I love about DIY parties is that they’re primarily fun to prepare and absolutely budget-friendly. You might even be surprised at how pretty the outcome is—after all, hiring a professional event stylist is great but working on your own party elements also lends you freedom to execute your ideas in crazy ways.

Remember, your imagination is the limit! You can make your party as clean and minimalist as you want or as bold and colorful as you dare. Before you know it, you’ll be influencing your friends to throw their own parties in DIY fashion, too—read: you might get hooked. (Don’t say you weren’t warned!) 

Step One: Choose a Theme

If you’re planning a kid’s party, your theme can easily be their favorite cartoon character, book, or activity (soccer, ballet, painting, etc.). You can also check out the web for inspiration—I like looking at Kara's Party Ideas or Pinterest whenever I have a theme in mind that I want to pursue.

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Step Two: Pick a Venue and Basic Set-Up

Decide where you want to host your party. You can have it at home, in your garden or maybe you can go for a clubhouse or function room within your neighborhood. When choosing a venue, try to visualize the look you want to create in it. If you want to hang up decorations, probably go for low ceilings. Choose a space that’s the right size to accommodate your guests and set-up. This would be a good time to decide if you need to rent tables and chairs or if you just want to make use of your couches and chairs at home. You can also opt to set up picnic mats in the garden with throw pillows and pretty blankets.



Step Three: Shop, Design, Go Crazy!

Start by choosing a sturdy table that you can use as a highlight table where you can place your food and decorations. If you’re at home, a console, dining table, or counter will serve this purpose perfectly. You can choose to go plain or dress up your table with cloth or decorations that go with your theme.


Next, choose a backdrop that can really accentuate your theme and bring your highlight table to life. It can be a piece of cloth, craft paper flowers, buntings, handmade pinwheels, or a piece of art or furniture that you think will work well with your design.

Once you have a theme in mind, make use of printables that are available on the internet. Most craft blogs have free templates that you can easily print out for making cupcake liners, cake toppers, party buntings, and other decorations that you can assemble. Chicfetti has a wide range of free printables which you can check out.


Gather your materials by choosing household items that you can use for your theme. You can also visit your local party supply store or supermarket to pick up stuff you’ll want to decorate with. You can get inexpensive plastic cups, mason jars, and wooden utensils which you can later decorate with paint, washi tape, ribbons, or other craft materials you have. If you’re feeling stuck, take a break to get your ideas and creativity flowing.


Arrange your party table to highlight your theme, the food, or the cake and other sweets. Setting up your table might not be easy on the first try, but feel free to mix and match the arrangement of your decors and other items until everything looks good to you. Vary the heights on your set-up and be guided by your theme and color palette.

Don’t be afraid to go overboard at first—you can eliminate items from your look as you go along. The important thing is to get in the mood to achieve your desired look. Sometimes you don’t really have a clear idea of what you want your set-up to look like until you’ve laid out all your materials in front of you.



Step Four: Enjoy, Remember to Breathe

Hey, just because it says do-it-yourself doesn’t really mean you have to do it ALL yourself! You don’t have to cook all the dishes yourself or bake a cake if you don’t feel up to it. Rely on your trusted resources instead—order your party food and pastries from a friend or neighborhood caterer, pick up a pretty cake at your favorite bakeshop or order one online. Remember to keep things as manageable for you as you need. 

What theme would you most likely choose for your next party?
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