YAS Spotlight: Jef Albea Designs Sizzle on India Intimate Fashion Week

Written by: Shin Kitane/Friday, Jun 22, 2018 04:21 AM

Powerhouse Filipino designer Jef Albea showcased yet another exquisite collection from his internationally-acclaimed brand. Jef's creations, steady favorites across various fashion week events around the world, recently made their grand debut at the India Intimate Fashion Week (IIFW) runway as the grand finale collection to close the show:

India Intimate Fashion Week (IIFW) is a fashion show dedicated to designer lingerie and intimate wear. Founder Niraj Jawanjal designed it to break taboos and over-sensitization of lingerie, especially in Indian culture and fashion. The resulting event is one that showcases and celebrates both international and local brands that produce stylish and high-quality intimate wear and other personal care items. Beyond the creation of a show that entertains spectators and supports designers, Jawanjal has also created a space for art, business, and discourse to thrive. True to its drive to challenge norms and generate discussion, this year's show also starred India's only plus-size transgender supermodel, Mona Varonica Campbell.

For this year's IIFW, Jef Albea showcased eighteen (18) bridal dresses mixed with bridal lingerie and sexy styles, closing the show with the style and elegance we have come to expect of the Albea brand. 

Jef shares that since he was the only Filipino designer to be invited at this year's show, he was even more overjoyed and honored at being specifically requested to do the grand finale of IIFW. Alongside Jef were other internationally-known designers and brands such as Hongkong-based jewelry designer Mona Shroff, who opened the show, La Joli by Keith Jackson, La Intimo Premium Intimate Wear, and designer Rashmi Solanki, among many others. Bollywood actor Thakur Anoop Singh also walked the runway in Rashmi Solanki.



Given the success of this year's IIFW, there are talks of Jef receiving offers and requests to open a shop in India, but he says there are no final plans for that yet. In the meantime, Jef is focused on giving back to smaller communities in his homeland, starting with his staff--his beaders, sewers, and all the people who make each Jef Albea design as beautiful and personal as it always is.

"I just launched my video campaign, which is all about recognizing the wonderful hands of sewers who make my bridal dresses. This time, I want to give back and recognize the people who are behind the wedding spotlight," says Jef. 

The campaign underlines the sentiment that "There is a story of love in every Jef Albea bridal dress," and indeed, there is. Beyond the love story between the bride and the groom, there also exists stories of passion, love, and dedication--between the designer and his craft, between every sewer and her creation. This is why each dress created under the brand reflects not only Jef's heart as a designer and compassionate human but also tells the complex stories of its wearer, the people who made it, and the communities around it. This is why we can only expect the Albea brand to keep rising to fame, empowering more individuals along the way.

For more information on Jef Albea, visit www.jefalbea.com or check out his social media pages at Jef Albea Couture and @jefalbea.


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