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Written by: Carla De Guzman/Wednesday, Apr 05, 2017 12:44 PM

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There’s more to keeping healthy than a well-balanced meal. After making the choice to life a healthy lifestyle, we recommend a trip to one of these two new  world-class facilities in Manila. 

ProHealth Sports and Spinal may be a familiar name to some—with seventeen years of business under their belt, this physiotherapy clinic chain is finally adding Manila to their branches. Patients (of all ages!) who are in need of physical therapy will find the ProHealth facility truly world class, with professional therapists to ensure that you’re on the road to recovery. Physical therapy is a long and hard toad to take, and it’s best to ensure that you’re in the best hands.










ProHealth is headed by Mark Cameron, also a registered physiotherapist. Mark is an entrepreneur and business leader based in Hong Kong, where he was first able to establish ProHealth as a successful chain of physiotherapy clinics. Mark also founded SPOT Centre Ltd. which provides pediatric therapy services to children with special needs.




As part of their commitment to physiotherapy and health, ProHealth Aisa is also working  to create the ProHealth Physiotherapy Academy, a program that will utilize the knowledge of professionals and experts around the world to further train the facility’s already well-qualified therapists. 




For those looking for a less medical approach to their physical health, the new Pinnacle Performance facility is dedicated solely to athletic development both for professional and amateur athletes. Pinnacle wants to make sure that their clients perform at their peak, and their new member-only facility will make sure you get to make that extra push, run that extra mile you need to achieve your goals. Their 3-part customized mission (plan, pursue and perform) was especially made with their clients in mind, making sure they guide you to train without injuring yourself. 








Pinnacle Performance is headed by Tom Summers, who is also a Nike Performance Network Trainer. Tom is an internationally-accredited coach with a vast experience in many sports such as cricket, rugby, and football.




He has headed various sports teams and fitness institutions such as the Yorkshire Country Cricket Club, the International Academy of Football and Education, and the England Women's Football Association, among others. Tom has also been responsible for the complete athletic development of current performing international sports men and women, including international cricketers, English football players, Great British rugby league players, and Olympic and Commonwealth athletes.

 For more information, you can visit ProHealth Sports and Spinal and Pinnacle Performance on Facebook and online: ProHealth Facebook and website ; Pinnacle Facebook and website

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