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Written by: Shin Kitane/Sunday, Dec 11, 2016 06:58 AM

Ingrid Aureada is a woman with an inspiring story. You could say she's a modern-day Cinderella, except that she didn't need a man to get to where she is now. Ingrid is currently one of the top model bookers in the international modelling scene, handling fashion show castings and managing international models who rule the catwalk. 

Today, she is Diva Dubai Modelling & Events Production's division manager, but she didn't necessarily have an easy start in the fashion industry. Instead, she started as a waitress at a 4-star hotel for at least two years when she moved to Dubai to work, patiently serving her boss cappuccinos and doing her job tirelessly. What made the difference, however, was that she had a dream. 


Image Source: Diva Dubai

In 2010, she saw an open door when a fashion agency posted an ad for an assistant booker. Despite having no prior experience in model booking, she decided to give it a go. After all, she recalls, she's had a quick love affair with the modelling world as a model herself back in the Philippines. And so with the same persistence, dedication and hard work that she gave as a hotel waitress serving cappuccinos, she learned how to do her job well. That fashion agency was Diva Dubai, where Ingrid now ranks as a senior manager.

All that being said, perhaps one of Ingrid's most noticeable qualities would be her confidence, which is extremely important for any woman to have. Whatever industry you set your heart towards, being confident in your own skin is always a good thing. Ingrid shares with us a few of her favorite fashion tips that will keep you looking smart and confident at any time of the day or night.

Tip # 1: Go Neutral


For a classic, polished look that can take you from day to night, Ingrid advises wearing neutral tones. Especially if you'll be coming from work and then going straight to an event afterwards, your best bet is a neutral-colored outfit that you can jazz up with accessories or night makeup.

Tip # 2: Slay Those Heels!


While you don't have to wear heels all the time, Ingrid says you should at least learn to walk in high heels. There will always come a time when you might need to wear heels with a dress or a gown, and girl, you're gonna want to slay! "It gives them confidence," Ingrid says of the girls she trains on the catwalk wearing sky-high heels. We agree--the right pair of heels will help you appear taller and make your posture look snappier.

Tip # 3: The Bold Red Lip


If you're the kind of woman who has no time to re-do your makeup before a party or an event, here's Ingrid's very practical advice: simply stash a bold red lipstick in your purse to instantly transform your look before a night out! Choose a red lipstick that goes well with your skin tone and applies really well, so you can use it as a go-to any time you need an extra confidence boost.

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