Love and Gravity: A Star-Crossed Romance that Hits the Right Notes

Written by: Christian Joy Dominguiano/Thursday, Feb 23, 2017 05:11 PM

A cello plays. A wall cracks open. A love story begins.

On Andrea Louviere’s seventh birthday, the truth—not history—was made. She was alone in her San Francisco room playing her beloved cello when a blinding white light flashed before her eyes and a boy named Isaac appeared behind her wall. That first meeting was short, but it was definitely not the last. 

From that point, Andrea made it her mission to summon her friend every time she had her hands on her cello. Over the years, however, Dre kept this outlandish friendship with Isaac a secret from the rest of the world—including her family and her best friend, Nate.

Time has flown by and many things have happened since their initial encounter.  Andrea is seventeen. She’s ready to let go of her love for music—and, with it, her secret friend. But before she could even step out of her house and throw away everything by the wayside, she receives a life-changing three-hundred-year-old letter from Isaac Newton on her doorstep. 

A novel that incorporates time travel, magical realism and romance is easily music to the ears of a reader. And when you have a time traveler, a magician and romantic moonlighting as its author, only great things can be expected.

In Love and Gravity, Samantha Sotto orchestrates all the elements seamlessly and effortlessly into one harmonious symphony. 


Only Time Will Tell  



Needless to say, the time component breathes life into this book. Time travel can be an interesting but tricky mechanism to work with. When handled beautifully, it becomes more like a breath of fresh air rather than a whirlwind. 

Aside from the time periods being chronologically arranged in Love and Gravity, they also allow the reader to journey alongside the characters and understand them on a personal level.  

The reader is also given a chance to take a peek into a distant. Although little history from Isaac’s epoch is written in Love and Gravity, the brief depiction of certain time periods is a clear manifestation of the author’s prowess in interweaving fact and fiction. 

The time travel component of Love and Gravity is reminiscent of Audrey Niffeneger’s The Time Traveler’s Wife. But the former, with its authentic characters and ingenious storyline, is a riveting novel in its own right.    


 Star-Crossed Characters



At the heart of a romance novel are the two souls entwined by fate. Sotto knows her characters in Love and Gravity like old friends and doesn’t hold back in fleshing them out through personal and shared experiences. This humanizes Andrea and Isaac, making them very relatable. 

Moreover, this work of fiction strips Isaac Newton of his image ingrained in our minds and puts him in a different light. Love and Gravity introduces him as the romantic and not as the physicist we’ve read about in school books. 

We would have loved to see the minor characters more though, like Andrea’s best friend-turned-boyfriend Nate, to help the reader make sense of everything that was happening around Andrea and Isaac.


Timeless Love Story



Once you start reading and meeting the characters, you won’t be able to bring yourself to a halt. Every chapter will put you on the edge of your seat as suspense builds and breaks into one unexpected finish. 

Love and Gravity is for the reader who wants a romantic novel that will stretch his imagination and leave him with a sense of wonder. Samantha Sotto offers a story of the impossible made possible, and a timeless message of love’s infinite possibilities.


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