Coach Ani de Leon Brown: Winning depends on the right mindset

Written by: Shin Kitane/Monday, Mar 12, 2018 03:55 AM

For national triathlon coach Ani de Leon-Brown, winning begins with the right mindset. Beyond physical conditioning and endurance training for a race, Coach Ani believes that an athlete must have, first and foremost, a winning mindset. 

And we believe her--wholeheartedly--which is also why Coach Ani is one of the strong female icons we wanted to talk to during women's month, especially under our #LNWeMeanIt campaign.

Ani de Leon-Brown is the first Filipina to qualify for the Ironman World Championships twice. She also has several titles and podium finishes under her belt, and she is responsible for bringing glory to the Philippines through her athletes' back-to-back SEA games wins in women's triathlon (silver and gold medals). Hence, she is dubbed by many in the sporting world as a coach who has the "golden touch," which means she has an excellent instict when it comes to spotting winning athletes, and a highly effective way of motivating and inspiring these athletes to go for gold. 

In a previous interview with local Philippine newspaper Manila Bulletin, Coach Ani said that working with athletes involves a great deal of honesty and goal-setting, proving that when it comes to sports, it is always both a mental and physicall challenge: "You have to set a goal that is realistic and you have to be honest with the athlete. Then, you have to plant seeds that it can be done. Training is one thing, mental check (...) and knowing your competition is another."


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