The Art of Extra: Makeup Tips from Drag Queens

Written by: Shin Kitane/Thursday, Jun 22, 2017 09:02 AM

Screengrab from Miss Fame's Youtube

There's no better time to be extra AF than Pride Month (except perhaps everyday, if you can afford it). And so, in honor of the makeup artistry that goes behind drag queens' looks, we decided to compile the top makeup tips we learned from our queens. If you don't know what we're talking about, consider us throwing a polite amount of shade, and we hope you get down to googling "drag culture" on Google really soon. Enjoy falling down the rabbit hole of extravaganza!

1. Cook Your Face



Screengrab from Miss Fame's Youtube

Before you freak out, we're talking about allowing your cream/liquid foundation to sit on your face for 10-20 minutes before blending the product so that your body heat melts the foundation, allowing for a smoother finish once you blend. 

2. Bake Your Foundation



Queen Pia getting the baking on. Screengrab from Miss Universe Youtube

Okay hunty, we're going to stop with the kitchen references after this tip, and please put the baking tray down. Baking your foundation calls for a thick coat of powder on areas you want to look brighter--under your eyes, on top of your jawbone, and along the bridge of your nose. And because you're baking, you'd have to wait 5 to 10 minutes before dusting the powder off with a fluffy brush. This trick is a game-changer because it'll allow you to have an unreasonably contoured face all night long.

3. Be Extra: More is More



Be so extra, they can't dare to call out your back rolls. Screengrab from Alyssa Edwards' Youtube.

We can almost hear Latrice Royale booming: "Large and in charge, baby! LARGE AND IN CHARGE." In the drag world, it's go big or go home. Add glitter, use the colors that you want, and do not bother about subtlety if it isn't your thing! The important thing is that you have fun doing your makeup, and that you look DAMN GOOD. So go on, add that iridescent/holographic pigment and screw "dewy." There will always be another day for a dewy look. Remember, do your makeup in a way that showcases who you are. Part of why we love drag queens is because they all look unique!

4. Use hairspray as setting spray.



If you're in a pinch (or on a budget), hairspray works well in keeping your full face of makeup intact for hours on end. There are also DIYs involving green tea and essential oils, but we've seen drag queens spritz hairspray on their faces. After hours of sauntering about and doing splits, lip syncing and wig-whipping, their faces still haven't melted, so we'll take this tip, thank you very much!

5. Antiperspirant for the face



Photo from Alcone. Get the product from their site here.

It turns out that in addition to setting spray, there's also such a thing as antiperspirant for THE FACE. The product a lot of drag queens swear by, particularly Miss Fame, is called Stop the Sweat by Alcone. You probably won't need to douse yourself in sweat-stopping liquids daily, but for days when you plan to do a lot of dancing, or are going somewhere really hot and humid, consider your sweaty problems solved.

6. "If you're not wearing nails, you're not doing drag." -Alaska Thunderfuck




Oh, yes. Have you ever noticed how great you feel after having your nails done perfectly? How else could you sashay gracefully and point at your collarbone playfully if not with a lacquered fingernail? Is there even a better way? We'll let Alaska Thunderfuck do the talking (singing, actually).


Do you have any other drag makeup tips? Share them in the comments below! #RidethatPride


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