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What would you give for a fresh start?

Would you dare to step into the unknown to pursue your passion?

Do you want something so badly that you are willing to face all the uncertainty and instability that may come with the journey to find it?

In 24x24's second season, these stories will shine: leaving a stable career to pursue another dream, embracing the uncertainty of freelance life to achieve creative freedom, and going against all odds to live true to oneself.

Now on its second season, 24X24 has a refreshingly in-depth, day-in-the life format, that chronicles the 24-hour life cycle of real women, capturing her habits, her hobbies, her hacks, her personal style, her daily challenges, her little victories, her intimate relationships, and her professional networks, as presented in the show's 24-minute timeline.


Season 2






Rowena Romulo

Get to know how it's like to be in the shoes of top Filipina restaurateur Rowena Romulo, who also happens to be a former high-level banker at an international banking company.


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Caroline Garcia

A multi-disciplinary artist, Caroline explores the areas between performance, culture, and her own identity with her work.


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Jean Carmela Lim

Get to know the woman behind Holy Smithereens, a luxury travel blog borne out of Jean's desire for travel, adventure, and luxury.


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Freska Griarte

Follow the inspiring story of Freska Griarte, Filipina DJ and cancer survivor. Be inspired by how Freska values and lives her life, health, and family, as a survivor.


Ha'a Keaulana

Ha'a grew up in the surf town of Makaha in Hawai'i and has made waves for herself in the international surf scene and local art community at such a young age. She was featured alongside her family in National Geographic, launching her into worldwide fame. Learn how she reconciles passion, art, and culture in her life as a surfer and photographer.


Iman Suguitan

Iman is a Dubai-based luxury hotel supplier who also leads a social enterprise which manufactures chocolates in Davao, Philippines. In her 24x24, Iman shares her lifestyle, beliefs, and advocacies in the hope of inspiring others to live meaningful lives as well.


Arlene Oliveros

Arlene grew up poor, and had to work hard to live the life she is leading now. Today, she enjoys the fruits of her labor and works as a top sommelier and gastronomist in Canada. Feast your eyes in the lush greenery shot in this episode, and learn new things about wine, cheese, and life with Arlene.


Season 1



Yana Gilbuena

Follow a day in the life of Yana Gilbuena, a Fil-am nomad chef who went around 50 cities across the US pushing SALO, a series of pop-up dinners featuring traditional and modern Filipino cuisine.


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Ingrid Aureada

Get a glimpse into a day of Ingrid Aureada of Dubai, a small town girl from Lucena bullied for being the tallest girl in town who worked her way up to become a manager in a prominent modeling agency in Dubai.

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Jaime Kailani

Meet Jaime Kailani from Hawaii & LA, a craftsmith, singer, philantrophist, and also Bruno Mars' sister responsible for pulling him to start his singing career in LA.


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Montaigne, a Sydney-based singer-songwriter who recently won Aria Awards' Breakthrough Artist of 2016, lets 24x24 film a day in her life.



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Angela Grant

It’s time to visit London! Meet Angelia Grant, Royal Academy of Dance registered teacher and owner of The Angela Grant School of Dance.


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