10 Things You Need to Know About Kolohe Kai

Written by: Keesa Ocampo/Thursday, Nov 12, 2015 03:42 AM

What does Kolohe Kai mean? Who is this adorable guy with the ukulele and surf board? And we're dying to know - is he single? Get to know the man behind the head bobbing, feel-good song, "Higher" - the latest hit single to soar on island reggae and pop airwaves. 

 1. Kolohe Kai is Roman De Peralta.

Music fact alert! Kolohe Kai is not a band; it's actually Roman De Peralta, a talented singer and songwriter. He and his producers are behind the creative process of every song and he jams with friends and a variety of other musicians.

2. Kolohe Kai is a prodigy of sorts.

Roman De Peralta aka Kolohe Kai began his songwriting career at 17. Since then, he has produced three albums and several singles like "Ehu Girl" and "Good Morning Hawaii."

3. He’s a musical competition discovery.

Kolohe Kai and his band won the 2009 Brown Bags To Stardom Talent and Music Video Contest, wherein high school students had to write an original song, record it, then produce a music video. Check out the winning video here.

4. Kolohe Kai means "rascals in the water."

If you didn’t already know, Roman is a gorgeous, mystical merman.


Image from Kolohe Kai's Facebook Page.

5. He loves spaghetti!

You’re welcome. Now you know the way to his heart.

6. His most memorable performance was in New Zealand.

What’s up! Kolohe Kai can’t forget his show at Napier, New Zealand. It was his first international show and he was floored by all the Kiwi love.

7. He’s a total athlete.

Other than always being at the beach - either surfing, building shacks, or filming music videos (pic attached) - Roman plays basketball and flag football weekly! Hence, those delicious abs.

8. Roman is an only child.

And his family is beyond awesome.

Image courtesy of Keesa Ocampo
9. He was born an artist.

Roman used to draw and paint a lot and event took art class for four years. His mom always said he’d be an artist one day, not realizing it would be a musical one.

10. He’s single.

Anyone else shouting, "Pick me! Pick me!"?


Bonus Facts!

And just because we can't get enough of this all-around great guy, here are few more interesting tidbits about him:

He can cook.

He guested on the brand new episode of Cooking Hawaiian Style and made a couple of his mom’s recipes – poke and coconut shrimp.

He’s got great taste in music.

Welcome the newest member of the Boys2Men and Michael Jackson Fans Club. They’re his musical faves.

He’s kind of a big deal.

He won Reggae Album of the Year at the 2015 Na Hoku Awards, the premier awards show in Hawaii!

Image courtesy of Roman DePeralta


If it's more you want, it's more you'll get!
Watch Roman De Peralta's full story with award-winning director Benito Bautista here.


For updates on Roman's shows and music, check out Kolohe Kai's Facebook Page.

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