Our 2018 Is All About New

Written by: Lifestyle Network/Tuesday, Jan 02, 2018 08:29 AM

In case you missed it on-air, saying goodbye to 2017 for us has been about celebrating successes, both big and small. As we look forward to another year, we thought it would be great to look at the achievements we unlocked.

We asked our favorite LN influencers and personalities to share what 2017 brought to them, and as you can see, we've all got a lot to celebrate!


One of our favorite achievements is our very own Chef Sharwin Tee's, who made a pledge to build public libraries by cooking in different pop-ups around the world, and he succeeded. Curiosity Got the Chef, indeed!


As we ring in the New Year, we also encourage you to look at 2018 like a blank page, even a scrapbook, if you will. Ask yourself--What are my goals for the year? How do I become more intentional and more grateful? Who do I want to become this year?


We like to look at a fresh year not as a time to make unachievable resolutions, but as a reminder that we can always set new goals, forge new paths, and go on new journeys:




What are your dreams and visions for the year? Tag us in your entries with the hashtag #LNAllAboutNew




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