5 Everyday Things That Can Save You

Monday, Aug 03, 2015 08:34 AM

When you're traveling, trouble sometimes comes unexpectedly, and in those moments, it’s your ability to be calm and think on your feet that can get you out of the danger zone. When faced with unanticipated threats and all you have is yourself and your everyday stuff, you’d be surprised at how your innocent things can turn into street-smart lifesavers.

1. Coins. Coins are heavy, and heavy things hit hard. Keep an easy-access pocket filled with coins so that when an assailant attempts an attack, you can easily slip your hands into the pocket and throw them at him or her. Throwing a handful of coins is more likely to hit your target than a lumped set inside a coin purse that can only be directed at one spot, which could hit or miss.

2. Sanitizer or perfume. Clean up evildoers with a spritz of your sanitizer. Generously spray it directly on their face; doing so will 1) irritate the eyes and temporarily blind them, 2) irritate their sense of smell, which will keep them off guard, or 3) instinctively make them close their eyes, giving you additional seconds to prepare for your next action or run away.

3. Your phone. This comes in handy especially when you’re in a moving vehicle like a cab, and are suspicious of your driver. Aside from being able to call or text somebody for help, you can also take a video or photo of your driver and upload it on social media. You can also use it to access certain apps like Uber, for a safer commute, or Kitestring, which is a mobile web app that alerts your loved ones when something is wrong.

4. Dummy wallet. Create a dummy wallet, slip a few $1 bills in, and put the wallet in an easy access pocket. When held up for your cash quickly grab the dummy wallet and throw it as far as you can; doings so will allow you to make your escape, creating as much distance as you can while the thief tries to reach for it.

5. Keys. As much as we advice against engaging with your aggressor, if you are faced with fighting as the only option, take a key or set of keys, put them in between your fingers and stab him or her as hard as you can. Aside from keys, you may use any other sharp object like a pen or pencil. 

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