6 Cozy Reunion Spots in Los Angeles

Written by: Carla De Guzman/Monday, Dec 07, 2015 06:22 AM

One of the funny things that happen in a Filipino Christmas is that we find ourselves fully booked on every weekend of December, catching up with friends and relatives. We spend these weekends driving to different places in the city to have that yearly reunion with the people we love. Reunions are a wonderful tradition that is easy to bring overseas, especially in a hip and happening city like Los Angeles. We choose six cozy little spots you can call your amigas to for a nice reunion.

The Americana 

One of our favorite spots in LA, the Americana is a gorgeous outdoor mall, that always make sure that they deck the halls with the best Christmas decorations in the city! You can meet up over good food at the Cheesecake Factory or Din Tai Fung, or just grab some coffee and sit by the magical fountains in the center of the mall. Either way, it’s a lovely place to spend an evening out.

The Blue Ribbon Garden at the Walt Disney Concert Hall

Not a lot of people know about the one-acre rooftop garden in the concert hall, but this little gem in the middle of the imposing façade of the city makes for a perfect, quiet reunion spot. Make sure you check out A Rose for Lily, Frank Geary’s little cracked vase fountain, a little tribute to Lillian Disney.

The Library at the Redbury Hollywood

If you are more into Happy Hour, we definitely recommend stopping over at the Redbury Hotel on Hollywood and Vine for a drink at the Library. The bar has really cool 1920s interiors, with an outdoor area that is definitely Facebook-worthy. Hang here and feel like a star!

Afternoon Tea at the Blvd

Have a free afternoon to have your reunion? Why not catch up over tea and scones at the Blvd Wilshire Hotel? With sweets like chocolate cherry scones and a choice of lemon or compote dipping sauces, applewood and salmon sandwiches, you’re sure to have a luxurious afternoon as you catch up with your friends and family.

Visit Candy Cane Lane

If you want to go and take Christmas Card perfect holiday photos worthy of posting on Facebook, we recommend a little trip down Candy Cane Lane. The residents of Lubao Ave & Oxnard St. try to outdo each other every year, and they never disappoint!

The Music Center Holiday Sing Along

Instead of hunting for a karaoke bar, why not head to Grand Ave and sing along to everyone’s favorite Christmas tunes with the barkada? Lyrics and live accompaniment are provided during the free event!


Where are your favorite Christmas hangouts?
Share your coziest reunion spots with us by commenting below!


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