11 Tips for Every Traveler

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Whether you're traveling alone or with a family, we've got 11 great tips to make your travel experience easier and more convenient.

1. Book early. Watch out for seat sales and hotel promos. Sign up for email alerts and social media accounts to keep updated. According to Lonely Planet’s “Best Ever Travel Tips,” airlines usually go on sale around January and September, with the best travel period being anytime between April and June.

2. Hire a trusted travel agent or an established tour operator. It’s a matter of preference, really, but for large groups, this could actually take the stress out of planning your itinerary.

3. Do your research. Whether you get a travel agent or not, make sure you read up on the place you’re traveling to beforehand. Check for local holidays, street food, museums, or attractions near where you're staying, so you know what to expect.

4. Learn a few local phrases. It won’t hurt to learn a few basic words or phrases like “hello,” “thank you,” or “where is ____?” in the local language. You can also download the app Image It, which will help you overcome the language barrier through the use of pictographs.

5. Pack like a pro. Plan your outfits beforehand so you pack only what’s necessary. If you want to save on space, check out this video on the Bundled Packing method to find out how you can fit more into your luggage. Also, make sure to check the weather so you know what you need to bring (raincoats, hats, umbrella, etc.)

6. Be organized. Use organizers to keep your documents, like passports, IDs, and boarding passes, in check. You would also do well to bring a bag that has accessible but safe and secure compartments for your valuable items.

7. Bring a world plug adaptor. As countries can have different kinds of sockets, make sure to have this on hand so you can charge all your devices instantly.

8. Always carry water and snacks. Children, even adults, become crankier and are prone to making bad decisions when they’re hungry or thirsty. Carry around an emergency snack pack, containing biscuits, cookies, or fruits (for more exciting snacks, check out our delicious ideas here), in your bag to avoid these stressful scenarios.

9. Stock up on games and fun activities. Bring a deck of cards, some lightweight books, or download apps that the littles ones can play with. This will come in handy especially on delays or lull moments.

10. Go social. Use your social media to enhance your travel experience. Use Twitter to voice your concerns through customer service accounts; Foursquare for promotions and deals from establishments; and Instagram for snapping and sharing unforgettable moments.

11. Don’t be afraid to ask. Approach the concierge at your hotel or the manager of the hostel you’re staying at to ask about the different sights and activities around the area. Be friendly with locals and don't hesitate to ask around, but it's also important to be aware of customs or traditions so as not to offend anyone.
Got more travel tips? Share them with us on the comments below!

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