10 Reasons Why Couples Should Travel Together

Written by: Shin Kitane/Monday, Feb 06, 2017 06:33 AM

You've probably heard it a lot, and we'll say it again--Traveling is a good way to measure how compatible you are with someone. Especially if you're getting serious, it would be a great idea to book a trip to someplace you can enjoy new things together. It doesn't have to be just the two of you, either. You can travel with friends, and it will still throw unexpected circumstances at you that will test how strong you are as a couple. We're not saying that traveling alone can predict if they're the one, because of course there are a ton of factors that can determine whether or not two people will end up together for the long haul. The novelty of the experience of traveling, however, will allow you to get to know your partner better and perhaps you can work on any differences from thereon.

1. Finding out more about your partner



Even just planning about your trip can tell you a lot about each other.

If you're a new couple, everything about planning for a trip (from choosing your destination to packing your bags) can give you a pretty good idea about your partner's personality. You'll find out if he or she values your opinion: Did your partner bother to ask you where you wanted to go or involve you in the decision-making process?

Or maybe you'll be impressed at how well she knows you if you've already been dating for a while and she surprises you with a trip to a place where you really wanted to go (even if you didn't tell her). Regardless of how long you two have been together, traveling will expose your partner's personality better--You'll find out how he or she deals with flight delays, different cultural practices, and other unexpected circumstances.

2. Making a lot of memories



"Babe, I'm going to document that this is how your hangry face looks like."

Whether it's that time you first found out that she is deathly afraid of heights or seeing your first shower of snow together, traveling allows you to experience the world uniquely. You'll get to know your partner's fears and weaknesses, and also what makes both of you laugh so hard that your tummies ache. Each time you travel, you get to attach certain memories to that place and how you experienced it together. Whether you conclude that you want to revisit a certain place or that you never want to set foot in it again, your unique experience as a couple will make the trip worth remembering. 

3. Learning how to deal with stress & resolve conflict



"Baby, I brought one small piece of luggage and you gotta place your stuff in here too?"

Any healthy relationship will involve a fair amount of squabbles and arguments, and your time away from home isn't an exception. The combination of physical tiredness or maybe hunger and stress, combined with being in an unfamiliar place, can cause a strain on your relationship. The good thing about this is that you really don't have much of a choice but to settle your differences during your trip. After all, there's only two of you in unfamiliar territory, and it would be better for both of you try to hash things out sooner.

4. Getting better at working as a team



Experiencing new things together will allow you to work better as a couple.

Imagine going to a new place with a culture unfamiliar to both of you. Depending on how adventurous you both are, chances are you'll arrive at a system that will guide you during your trip. You might be a couple who likes making plans and hyper-detailed itineraries or you  may be the more carefree type. Whatever your personalities are, traveling will force you to negotiate with each other so that you both enjoy the experience. On the other hand, if your partner insists on his or her way the entire time (even if you disagree), this may also be a sign that you're not very compatible. In any case, try to communicate with each other as best as you can.

5. Getting a feel of how life would be if you're with them 24/7



Yup, it's totally fine if you want to try her moisturizer. She probably won't judge.

If you want to know how living with your partner would be like, traveling is a great way to gauge just how crazy you'll drive each other! Some couples thrive on spending as much time with each other as they can, while some prefer to spend time away from each other. No matter which type you are, going on vacation for a few days will allow you to discover more of your relationship dynamics when you're together all the time. 

6. Growing together



Strong relationships aren't built overnight. 

Not so long ago, we gave you a list of soul-searching destinations in Asia, and it's because we believe that traveling is a great way to expand your mind, find out new things about yourself and the world around you, and stay away from the stresses of daily life. When you travel as a couple, you get to see and experience new things together that will strengthen your bond and help you grow as individuals. Traveling changes people in the sense that you get to see things from a different perspective each time you travel, which is why it's a great opportunity for couples to bond and grow together.

7. Learning to manage resources



Traveling is great practice for efficient resource management.

Traveling will force you to manage your finances, time, and other resources. Especially if you're looking to start a life together, planning for and going on a trip is a great exercise on resource management. The best thing about this is that you can look out for each other and keep each other in check. We all know stopping your S.O. (significant other) in the midst of shopping spree can be dangerous business, but if you know things are getting out of hand, you can always step in and remind them gently!

8. Being happier as individuals makes you better partners



Become #couplegoals by also paying attention to your own happiness.

Going on vacation to unwind and reduce stress will not only make you happier individuals but will also help you become more loving and compassionate towards each other. Provided, of course, that your relationship is based on mutual love and respect (Don't settle for anything less, love.), rewarding each other with a romantic getaway will help both parties de-stress and refresh.

9. Disconnecting from the rest of the world to be together



Remember when you had such a good time, you forgot to check your phones or take photos?

In today's tech-driven world, perhaps one of the best ways you can show your partner you value them is by actually staying offline for a bit and spending time together. We may not notice it, but we spend a lot of our time on our devices, sometimes to the extent of taking our loved ones for granted. Going to a place where you can disconnect is a great way to allow yourselves to communicate more and spend time with each other, minus the distractions!

10. Becoming better friends



You'll find that the best relationship is the one where your partner is also your best friend.

There's a reason why going on vacations and roadtrips with friends is so fun--you get to talk about crazy things and do crazy stuff together! And why shouldn't this apply with the person you should ultimately be best friends with? When you spend time traveling, you and your S.O. get to develop the friendship part of your relationship more--you learn to forgive each other more, laugh with each other, and understand each other better.


This February, we encourage you to #LogoutForLove and spend time with those you love. What are your best travel memories together?


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