When Ballet Is Life: Life Lessons from Angela Grant

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Angela Grant is a London-based ballet teacher from the Angela Grant School of Dance. She started ballet dancing at an early age, and was trained at the Elmhurst Ballet School and at the London Studio Centre. She started teaching ballet overseas in 1998, afterwhich she opened the Angela Grant School of Dance in West London, year 2003. Today, she continues to teach ballet to children and young adults, and we followed her one busy day to shoot her 24x24 episode on Lifestyle Network.

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Owing to her French heritage, she is also in line to be the 13th Baroness de Longueuil, the only French colonial title recognized by the monarch of Canada. Her grandfather, Michael Grant, is the current Baron de Longueuil.

Angela is a mother of two, and despite her rigorous training schedule and dance classes, she still manages to spend time with her two girls--during quick chats over breakfast or tea, and on car rides when she brings them to school. She also continues to maintain an impressively fit physique, emphasizing that regular training not only helps her to stay in shape, but also allows her to de-stress and clear her mind. 


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While we are aware of the discipline and dedication that ballet dancers put into their craft, we wanted to get raw, honest advice and nuggets of wisdom from a woman such as Angela--a mother, teacher, mentor, and overall beautiful soul. She's definitely a different breed of badass, and we'd very much like to count her as one of our role models. We've gathered a few life lessons and tips from Angela to share with you--from skincare to following your dreams--and we hope you get inspired to pursue your passions too.

Remember to Take Care of Yourself




No matter how busy you are, always remember to take good care of yourself. You're not doing anyone any favors by stressing yourself out to the limit, anyway. Angela always finds time to run at least once a week, in addition to her regular training sessions. "It's so important for my well-being, [managing] my stress levels, making me stronger, especially when I'm teaching," Angela says of her regular runs. If you don't like running, find another activity you enjoy, as long as you get a healthy dose of exercise to boost your mood and overall health--join a class, dance, or just take walks.

Angela also goes to a holistic therapist regularly to find ways to balance her body and mind, which is something that we regret most of the time. Stress can derail our health and happiness in more ways than one, so keep in mind to manage that as well. Also, don't forget the little things. If you love essential oils or lotions, go ahead and always carry one with you! It's always great to have a little pamper sesh even while on the go. Angela's beauty essential happens to be coconut oil, which she admits to using and brining all the time. She uses it on her hair and skin, and swears by it.

Practice Contentment




"We are put in this planet to appreciate nature--the birds, the river, the trees," Angela tells us as she stares across the Thames river during her morning run. While sometimes it can be challenging to appreciate life when there are a lot of problems bringing us down, it's always helpful to take a moment and be grateful for what we do have--the opportunities we are given, little moments, and even mundane things that bring us joy. Practice contentment regularly, and it will be easier to take on life's challenges knowing that you are still pretty darn blessed.

Angela is particularly grateful for her parents--during her 24x24, she takes time to recognize how her father always helps point her in the right direction when she's stressed and confused, and her mother for being a hands-on grandmother and her resident costume-maker. "She sews all the costumes, and she does--oh God, about a hundred costumes!" she exclaims. She also credits her mother for bringing her and her sisters to ballet school at such an early age, starting her lifelong love affair with ballet.

Pursue Your Passion




Angela went to ballet classes as a little girl with her two sisters and fell in love with ballet ever since. Despite her sisters taking on different career paths in acting and musical theatre, Angela stuck to ballet. She went to a ballet boarding school in the UK to pursue her dream, getting through several auditions during the screening process. She recounts how they were weighed every week at school to ensure they remained at the optimal size to perform ballet and trained rigorously daily. She was in ballet school for four years, afterwhich she was able to start her career as a ballet teacher in various places around the world--proof that passion, when combined with discipline and dedication, will take you places.

"I had a passion for teaching, and I loved children," Angela recalls how she got started teaching ballet. She started with a few students in her lola's house in the Philippines, and then she taught at the British School Manila. She also modeled on the side for products such as Lux and Dove, and was featured in a lot of local newspapers as she gained more experience as a ballet teacher in Manila. She then moved back to England to start a dance school, which we now know as the Angela Grant School of Dance.

Follow Through




Angela's tireless dedication to her work reminds us that dreams require hardwork and continuous dedication. Despite having achieved a lot throughout her ballet career, Angela continues to work on her craft. She sits at her work desk daily, planning new lessons for her students and thinking of new ways to make classes more enjoyable for younger students. She continues to train regularly so she can continue to teach her students well, and mentors her students by training them for ballet exams at the Royal Academy of Dance, where most aspiring ballerinas in the UK train. 

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