Wardrobe Essentials for Every Woman: A Guide by Carla Sta Cruz + Veronica Kerzner

Written by: Trish Lim/Monday, Aug 08, 2016 03:30 AM

How many times have you stood in front of your wardrobe cabinets thinking, what am I going to wear? Even with piles and heaps of clothes, it’s still a question that leaves us stumped every now and then. But turns out you don’t need a lot to wow the crowd, as two of our fabulous Design + Story artists will tell you. These two women break it down for us and share the fashion staples that every woman should have in her closet.

A creative director for two design labels, luxury bag and couture designer CARLA STA CRUZ  knows what she’s talking about. On the D+S episode, she said: “My designs - it’s mostly from elements that most inspiration for me or like affected me most and I had the best memories with. My bags represent specific periods of my life.” 

If you’re curious about the wardrobe must-haves of this stylish New Yorker, here’s what's on her list:

1. A well-fitting white shirt. It never goes out of style no matter what.

2. That "freakum dress" as coined by Beyonce that will remind you that you are sexual and hot no matter what age you are. This is the dress that you will pick out when you're about to have a night out with your girls.

3. Lingerie. At least one pair of sexy silk lace lingerie.

4. Your power suit. A tailored power suit that is formidable and sexy.

5. A pair of jeans that accentuate the butt.

6. A pair of nice neutral colored flats. We are not SJP who can prance around in NYC in heels. More power to women who can!

7. Heels: both open and closed one.

8. A quirky accessory. :)



VERONICA KERZNER is the founder and CEO of Style Fashion Week, which produces globally recognized fashion events and must-see shows. Of her job she said, “It really is a vision of how all this comes together, how all of these pieces that are simultaneously spinning in thin air, come together to create an incredible - not just an event - but an incredible platform for all of our clients.”

The chic CEO from Los Angeles dishes out her wardrobe staples:

1. The perfect pair of black pumps. Comfortable, classic and versatile.

2. A leather pencil skirt. A sexy take on a classic cut.

3. Black Chelsea boots. Dressed up or dressed down they elevate any fall or winter outfit.

4. Crisp white button down. Classic and appropriate for every occasion.

5. Black leather jacket. Every girl's must-have for any season. 

6. Camel coat. Camel is the new black, and elevates every plain outfit. 

7. Tailored sheath dress. Perfect tailoring in all the right places makes you look like a million bucks.

8. Navy blazer with gold buttons. Sophisticated and classic perfect with jeans and a tee.

9. Cream cashmere sweater. Perfect for cool summer nights or cozying up by the fire.

10. Classic Stan Smith sneakers. They truly add a cool girl vibe to any outfit.


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