Maureen Wroblewitz Talks Asia’s Next Top Model

Written by: Carla De Guzman/Tuesday, Jan 23, 2018 03:44 AM

From the moment she appeared on our TV screens, we knew there was something special about Maureen Wroblewitz. The quiet girl fought her way through bullies and difficult challenges to emerge as the winner of Asia’s Next Top Model’s fifth cycle. 

The German/Filipina model is still only just 19, and she’s ready to take the world by storm. “When I won, I didn’t feel like a different person. It was still the same me, but more confident,” she shares. “I think people got to see that I really improved and I really fought. I really wanted to be on top.”

Now that she finds herself taking jobs all over the world, landing magazine covers left and right, it still feels like a wonderful dream come true.

About Carla De Guzman
Carla de Guzman is the author of self-published books Cities, Marry Me Charlotte B! and We Go Together. She loves to travel, coming home to her dog Kimchi and spending her weekends having dinner with her crazy family by day. By night, she’s writer and an artist, spending her midnights at her desk. Follow her on Instagram (@somemidnights) for more!
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