International Women's Day: The Women Who Inspire Us

Written by: Trish Lim/Tuesday, Mar 08, 2016 06:49 AM

Amelia Earhart, the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic ocean, once said: "Women, like men, should try to do the impossible. And when they fail, their failure should be a challenge to others." This month, we celebrate YOU and all the women who have inspired you to blossom into the person you are today. Without them, we would never have dared to dream and do great, even impossible, things.

Every woman has her own journey and to give you motivation as you go on your own path, we share the words of wisdom from the admirable females we've met and talked to.

Portia Baluyut

Owner of Rustic Mornings and host of A Pinch of Portia


On discovering your passion: “It’s different when you do something you actually enjoy and love. It’s ok to discover new things to love. How old was I? I was 25 or 27 - I guess, tama, when they say you get to discover things even at an old age.” 

Cynthia Patos

Great Dessert Master and host of Sweet Talk


On persistence and working for your dreams: “Never let yourself go. Keep yourself challlenged and improving. Definitely, practicing and bombing doesn’t matter. You fail more than you actually succeed, so that’s my advice.”

Hadass Nisan

Deputy head of Embassy of Israel


On setting and achieving goals: "You should never be shy. Your goals, your wills are much more important than anyone else’s. If you work hard and you find what you wanted to find, you should believe in it."

Arriane Serafico

Design thinking advocate, blogger, and creative entrepreneur


On putting passion in compassion: "You'll go further the earlier you realize that your passion is not just about you. Your passion expands so much further and so much farther when you make it about other people and how you relate to other people. Passion is not an ego thing."

Kathryn Eckstein-Cornista

Mixologist and bar consultant


On dealing with biases and discrimination: "When I was working in Turkeythey believe there that women are not as good as men, especially behind the bar. A woman does not belong behind the bar. I think that those kind of biases pushed me to work harder and prove to them that I’m just as good or even better. By the end of my four-year stint there, I became a bar manager!”

Happy Andrada

World-renowned Filipina Fashion Designer


On being proud of who you are: "I do believe that a woman can do anything, once you set your mind (to it), and once you become determined. Regardless of gender! Be proud of your craft. Be proud that you’re Filipino, because that’s who you are. We’re different, and always dare to dare yourself!"

Elizele Odigie

Content performance analayst and advocate for small businesses


On beauty: "Being beautiful is not external. I would rather cultivate a good persona. Kung maganda siya, it will radiate. You would see by the way he or she treats you, by the way he or she talks."

 Jasmine Shewakramani

Social media manager


On choosing happiness: "I think it’s really important that you choose to be happy and to laugh as much as you can, because more often than not it is not just for you but it’s for others as well. You don’t have to be happy today or tomorrow if you don’t want to be, but acknowledge there are good things in every day."

Samantha Sotto

Published author


On storytelling: "Women are natural storytellers. We’ve been telling stories to our family and friends since we were little girls...Every story begins with one word...Write that word down now and let the ink of your pen flow freely."

Lotta Sylwander

UNICEF representative in the Philippines


On balancing career and family: "You do not have to sacrifice your children in order to do a good job and in order to have a career."

Akiko Thomson-Guevara

Television host and journalist


On caring and showing tenderness: "Be there for your children and listen to them. And never forget to give that hug or kiss whenever you can."

Lizia Lu

Public relations professional


On knowing when to take a break: "One of the things that i have learned is that even if you are going on a fast train we have to stop sometimes and get off the train and do other things."

Elsbeth Llama

Counselor engaged in evangelical work


On singlehood: "Be open to the blessedness that God can give. Life is a joyful experience. Take everything as a joyous encounter. You never know what will happen tomorrow."

Who are the women who inspire you?
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