Iman Suguitan: Everything Has Been Planned Perfectly

Written by: Carla De Guzman/Monday, Jun 26, 2017 01:11 PM

Recently in the Philippines, Eid’l Ftir or the end of Ramadan was observed. But before this, over in Dubai, Iman Suguitan has probably prepared for the holiday already. Despite her hectic schedules running Ahsant Premium Hotel Supplies & Specialized Gifts, OFW Para Sa Magsasaka and Nypa, (a Filipino-centric lifestyle brand that provides goods for hotels), Iman still finds importance in the five daily prayers that every Muslim prays. “You should revolve your day within those prayers,” she shares. “Imagine how structured it becomes! Now before I go out, I would think first, no, let me finish the prayer, then go out.”

When talking about her work, she likes to think that it is her passion that drives her. The idea of her—whether it’s about producing goods for hotels or helping Philippine farmers produce high quality chocolates with OFW Para sa Magsasaka, the best thing about it is that it makes the world seem like a bigger place. In her quest to ‘search, create and beautify,’ the world around her, she finds that she doesn’t exactly work with a regular day job. This comes from the Muslim teaching of ‘small people, small world.’ To Iman, this means, “if you limit yourself to just one routine, your world will never be bigger, You will not learn as much.” 

Iman calls herself a ‘Muslim revert’, someone who made this personal choice, despite her family’s initial protests. “It’s tempered me,” she explains, referring to wearing a hjiab. “My mom says she became more mabait (kind) when she became a Muslim!’”

A huge part of her day goes to OFW sa Magsasaka, a social enterprise that helps farmers in Mindanao in their production of quality chocolates. It’s the kind of work that is ‘good for your heart, and good for your soul as well!’ 

Regardless of what she does, to Iman, the guiding principle of her life is still very much rooted in faith. “We do our very best, and leave everything to Allah.”

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