Hilary Isaac's Top Fitness Tips for Busy Moms

Written by: Shin Kitane/Tuesday, May 02, 2017 07:11 AM

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We got to talk to Tough Girl and Miss Gold's Gym Philippines 2016 Hilary Isaac recently--about motherhood, relationships, and her unbelievably inspiring fitness journey. (Watch out for her full story on Lifestyle Network, which will be coming out this month, too!)

Naturally, we had to ask her about some fitness tips, and she didn't disappoint. Check out her personal blog here for more fitness and nutrition tips.



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“You have to sit down and look at your schedule and make a commitment to set aside at least fifteen minutes a day for exercise,” says Hilary. And the fifteen minutes a day commitment doesn’t even have to be a continuous stream of working out if you’re just starting: “You can split the fifteen minutes—five minutes in the morning, five in the middle of the day, and and five later on, maybe early evening.”


Hilary insists that you have to be intentional about your nutrition. The key word here is intentional, meaning you have to figure out in advance how you can prepare your meals ahead of time, so you’re less likely to cheat or grub out on fast food and easy fixes. “Planning at least three days ahead would be a good idea,” suggests Hilary, so you have go-to meals for at least three days. She finds it best to prepare meals that can easily be stored in the fridge and reheated when needed. "Make sure you eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, lots of good protein. Get in your good fats, like avocados, nuts, coconuts. Hydrate a lot."


"Find things that make you feel happy and relaxed." Hilary finds it helpful to find a small activity, such as taking a walk around the mall (shopping not required!), that helps you de-stress and de-compress. This is important because stress has been scientifically proven to cause weight gain. When we're stressed and exhausted, our bodies tend to crave high-calorie, not-so-good-for-us foods. This can derail your exercise plan and clean eating habits, so it's always best to keep stress at bay.


Hey, no one else can make you do what you need to do in order to get fit. Fitness is a lifestyle, not a temporary journey, so learn to be patient with yourself, but also keep your focus on the goal that you have in mind. Hilary admits that "It may be hard at first, but after a while--you'll get used to it!" The best part is that as you continue to progress in your fitness journey, you can slowly buy new clothing (whether you've resolved to lose weight or get some gains) to further motivate yourself. "I usually do that," confesses Hilary. "It helps me stay motivated." And how can we disagree? A new body and new clothes? Sign us up!


Being a mom herself, Hilary is no stranger to the hustle that comes with trying to take care of a kid and keeping track of your fitness goals. The solution? Set aside one day where the entire family can bond and stay active at the same time. Whether it's a trip to your local park, or checking out a new activity, find ways to incorporate movement to your family bonding sessions, and you've got yourself a fit, happy, and healthy family.


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Hilary Isaac regularly trains at Gold's Gym, and also mentors other women on their fitness goals. Visit Gold's Gym Philippines' Facebook here for more fitness inspiration.


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