Global Pinays: Filipina Canadian Youtuber Kirstine Bargas Talks About Filmmaking and Empowerment

Written by: Shin Kitane/Thursday, Jun 28, 2018 06:59 AM

Filipina-Canadian filmmaker and Youtuber Kirstine Bargas is also known as littlemissmarian93 and LittleMissPinay93 on YouTube. She is successful in her field and is well-known for her visually impeccable travel vlogs, as well as for her more candid parodies and reaction videos about various Filipino movies and shows. Watch her "Life in the Philippines vs Life in Canada" video, for starters! 


In an exclusive interview with Lifestyle Network, we got to talk to Kirstine about her thoughts on women empowerment, her YouTube journey, and her life in general. "I quit my full-time job to become a self-employed artist. I think it's the best decision I made," Kirstine shares. On the topic of her identity, especially being a Filipino in Canada, she believes that holding on to her roots and staying true to her Filipino values helped her adapt to a new culture and environment.

Kirstine also talks about how she feels women can handle sticky situations (cough, pesky clients and co-workers) in a diplomatic way. She believes in standing up for herself while maintaining her "integrity, decency, and patience." Echoing the Lifestyle Network battle cry, We Mean It, Kirstine says that women can--and should--stand up for themselves because of their innate ability to understand others and effectively resolve a conflict.

Watch the video for the full Q&A:



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