Caroline Garcia on Her Body As Cultural Expression

Written by: Carla De Guzman/Sunday, May 21, 2017 10:03 AM


She calls herself a "culturally promiscuous performance maker." But what does that mean? To Caroline Garcia, a Sydney-based performance artist, it means being able to use your body to make a statement. It means trying to discover what it means to be what she is—a product of the Philippine diaspora to Australia. 

Like most kids in Filipino households, Caroline was no stranger to performing as a child. “I do have a dance background,” she shares. “I began in performing arts, not performance arts.” It was her love of dance and passion for visual art that she loved the most, and when choosing how to create her art, it became obvious to her that a fusion of the two loves of her life were the best way to express her thoughts and ideas. 

Her artwork focuses on culture, and trying to establish a connection between her identity as an Australian and a Filipino. Everything she knows and understands about her culture now was formed by her mother.  “My mom was the gatekeeper of knowing how to be Filipino. She always kept the rituals, [such as Filipino] food even if we’re so far away. None of that was ever forgotten.” It was this strong idea of identity that she taps into as the main influence of her work today. 

When we follow her on 24x 24, we catch Caroline working on "Thoughtless Extravagance," creating bejeweled cans of Spam, molds of papayas and bananas from whitening soap. It’s a unique review of how she views how Filipinos spend money, especially in times of disaster. 

Although working as a full time artist gives her a lot of time, there’s a strict discipline that comes with her work. “Always have a good work ethic,” she advises artists. Espescially for someone who uses her body as a medium, part of Caroline’s practice include working on her body, keeping it fit while exploring different forms of motion.

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