BFF Stories: Friendships That Go Beyond Borders

Written by: Lifestyle Network/Tuesday, Jul 12, 2016 05:16 AM

This July, we celebrate the person with whom we share our deepest darkest secrets; the one we run to when we're feeling down; and, the one who always knows how to cheer us up and make us laugh. That's right, this month is all about our BFFs! 

Besties are always connected by an invisible bond that knows no boundaries. With that in mind, we found three pairs of BFFs who shared that same wonderful bond with one another. Listen to their stories about how they nurtured their friendships and get inspired to share your own. 

Laureen Uy and Nicole Andersson

Make-up brought fashion bloggers Laureen and Nicole together, but they quickly became like sisters to each other after hanging out so much. They do everything together, from traveling to appearing in videos to attending events. See what they're like as a pair!

Michelle Panemanglor-Onrubio and Emerald Villa Hermosa-Alarcon

Being a model isn't always easy and full of glamour. Good thing models Michelle and Emerald have each other to get them through both the good and bad times. Watch their story to find out how they met!

Cristalle and Dr. Vicki Belo

"Mother knows best," Cristalle would likely tell you if you asked about her BFF. This mother-daughter tandem have nurtured such a strong bond, they're inseparable even until bedtime. Find out just how close they are by watching their story.

What's your story with your BFF?
Share them with us in the comments section below!

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