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Written by: Carla De Guzman/Monday, Jan 08, 2018 09:17 AM

It’s the start of the new year, and it feels like the perfect time to change up your living space. A good resolution needs a place to grow and be inspired, and the new year seems like the perfect excuse to play home stylist. Pantone has, over the years, thrilled and excited designers and followers with their choices for their color of the year—the color that will mark the year to come. Pantone calls Ultraviolet the color that best represents the night’s sky and "is symbolic of what is possible and continues to inspire the desire to pursue a world beyond our own:"


This year’s color, Ultraviolet, is a bold choice for any home, but we think these awesome finds will be a great way to ease in a bit of the color’s energy and inspire you to reach for the stars in the year to come. 

Lucky Cat “Gatete” by DIminutoCielo



If in case you want to feel a little extra lucky this 2018, this Etsy find feels like the perfect companion. This quirky piece is fun and spontaneous, and when placed against a white wall, it can immediately draw the eye to good fortune. 


Agate Coaster by Lulu and Georgia



Rocking (get it?) 2018 will be a breeze with these unique coasters! These agate gems make adding ultraviolet in little less overt way, but still keeps your coffee table or dining table sophisticated and classy. 


Sketch Halloway Safari Chair from Anthropologie 



If we had a reason to splurge, then the splurge will be happening at Anthropologie. If in case you do want to be a little more loud with embracing the color of the year, this elephant print couch will be the focal point of any room. Not to mention it’s soft and comfortable to curl up into at the end of the day as you review your goals on a bullet journal.


Elegant Purple and White Vintage Flowers Lace Ceramic tile from Zazzle 



Color is a commitment, and sometimes there’s no greater commitment than a good tile. Use these to accent a bathroom, or maybe liven up a kitchen backsplash. 


Marbled Mugs by Wild Gypsy Boutique 


Another Etsy find, these marbled mugs are the perfect way to start your morning, to remind you of what the color of the year is supposed to represent. 


Purple Flower Ceramic Dish by Twig and Cone 



If you’re a minimalist type of person, and don’t really see yourself adding a loud splash of ultraviolet into your life, this adorable ceramic dish may be the thing for you. Use it to store jewelry, rings, or car keys. 


Crystal Mug in Amethyst by ModernMud



Last but certainly not the least, a bold way to bring a little ultraviolet into your life--ModernMud’s Amethyst mug features 22 karat accents and is lovingly hand-made. It’s a little bit of extravagance to serve as inspiration for your 2018 goals.

Editor's Note: This is not a sponsored post. No part of the proceeds coming from purchases made through the linked items will be going to Lifestyle Network. 


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