The Indoor Plant Primer

Written by: Carla De Guzman/Tuesday, Nov 08, 2016 08:12 AM

What’s a room without a little greenery? There are a lot of health benefits to putting a little plant life indoors. Tree huggers and health experts are saying that having a plant in your room promotes clean air, helps deter illness and increases oxygen levels. We haven’t even talked about how plants can just make a space feel more homey. 

People have been putting their plants indoors since the Greek and Roman times. If you're looking to spruce up that space with a little flora, look no further than this Indoor Plant primer! 


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What do I put the plants in?

Indoor plants are any ferns, plants or foliage that you decide to place indoors. They always come in pots, planters or jars filled with soil. There are some who choose to place their plants in unconventional planters like baskets, tin buckets or even canvas bags! 

Where should I put my plants?

Consider the amount of sunlight in the room you want to fill with plants. Some indoor plants like the the Waxy ZZ Plant or Snake Plant need more shade than they do sunlight. Others like the Birds of Paradise will soak up the sun like a sponge. Make sure you check with your source before purchasing the plant!

How often should I water them? 

As a common rule, plants (even succulents!) need moisture in their soil to keep thriving. That’s very different from getting them wet or soaked. A daily spray of water would help. But of course each plant is different. Touch the soil to check if the plant is being over or under-watered. 


Image from A Pair and A Spare

What does it mean when a plant needs drainage?

Drainage just makes sure that the plant is able to absorb just the right amount of water it needs. Pots usually come with holes and little catch bins in the bottom so you can toss out excess water. Another way is to make sure that the soil in your pot isn’t too compact. A good drainage test is to see how fast the water is absorbed. If the plant sucks it up in 3-5 seconds, then you’re good!

What’s the easiest plant to grow? 

Depending on where you put it, indoor plants are generally pretty low maintenance. But perhaps the easiest to grow is the rubber plant. It loves bright light (if slightly shaded), and it’s easy to tell if you’ve over or under watered it (leaves go yellow when its over watered, droop slightly when under watered). But if you’re not looking to care for a tall plant, succulents and cacti are always a nice addition to a desk, and need more sunlight than water. 

Got any indoor plant tips? Share them in the comments below!


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