Say It With Flowers

Written by: Shin Kitane/Wednesday, May 30, 2018 02:50 PM

It's common practice in many cultures to give flowers to convey emotions and intent, such as love, friendship, gratitude and even sympathy. We love receiving them, too, and decorating our homes with freshly-cut blooms. But have you ever wondered what different flowers stand for? Apparently, different shades of various flowers represent certain emotions, messages, and intentions. 

We put together a list of our favorite blooms and their corresponding significations, for the next time you want to give someone flowers or receive a pretty bouquet for yourself. You can also decorate your home to add a pop of color and soften any space. 



Sunflowers say: I adore you.


These bright yellow blooms stand for adoration, and are perfect if you want to let someone know how much more colorful your life is with them in it! Reminiscent of the sun, these vibrant flowers also connote loyalty and longevity. 


Pink Carnations say: I'll never forget you.


Carnations generally stand for women/femininity and love but pink carnations in particular are the perfect flowers for long-distance relationships. Send them to someone special--your significant other or a relative who lives far away, to remind them that they are always in your thoughts. Red carnations stand for longing and adoration, while white carnations stand for innocence and purity of love. Yellow carnations, sadly, represent disdain or rejection (better not send those!).


Red roses say: I love you.


This is pretty common knowledge but we just had to include roses in the list. Red ones stand for love, while dark crimson ones symbolize mourning and sympathy. Pink roses symbolize happiness, white roses represent purity, and yellow roses symbolize jealousy or a decrease of affection.


Hydrangeas say: I'm grateful.


These pretty, pastel-colored blossoms are great for decorating your home to always remind you to maintain a grateful outlook in life. You can also send them to others as a thank-you.


Pink tulips say: I care for you; Well-wishes


Tulips in a pretty pink hue stand for sentiments of caring and positivity. Place freshly-cut blooms in a clear vase and stand them by your dresser to always remind you to be positive and think good thoughts. Yellow tulips symbolize happiness, white tulips symbolize innocence, and purple tulips stand for royalty--perfect for weddings, or as a vibrant reminder to value yourself and always know your worth.


Peonies say: I wish you a happy life.


Peonies traditionally connote bashfulness but are also commonly used to symbolize happiness and wishes of happiness for one's life. Any color is a pretty sight, and will add life to a room or sitting area. 


Which flowers are your favorite? 



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Shin Kitane writes to remember and believes that words have the power to heal, inspire, and move others. She dreams of a world where men and women are treated equally, where race, gender, and religion are not measures of one's worth in society. She is also a book-hoarder and a firm believer in re-watching Mean Girls and Harry Potter multiple times a year. Follow her misadventures @shinkitane on social media.
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