6 Pinterest Boards We Love

Written by: Lifestyle Network/Saturday, Feb 20, 2016 06:04 AM

By Carla de Guzman and Trish Lim

Inspiration can come from anywhere - the internet being the easiest and most accessible venue for quick ideas and DIY instructions. There’s always something new to discover on the web. We’ve listed down a few of our favorite Pinterest boards to inspire you to create and start making beautiful things!

1. HonestlyWTF

Curated by Erica Chan Coffman & Lauren Kolodny who manage a blog of the same name, the DIYs in this Pinterest account are always nice and easy, and usually not replicated by other bloggers. Their site features art and home decor a lot, so in case you need unique ideas for your home, you know where to find them!



2. A Pair and A Spare

Curated by Geneva Vanderzeil of A Pair & A Spare, this Pinterest board is pretty extensive. Geneva, who lives in HK and travels a lot (she's been sponsored by Cathay and Luxe Nomad AH) does a lot of home decor too, and her studio is absolutely pretty!



3. Brit + Co

Brit and Co. is a women's website, but their 'To Make' Pinterest board has a lot of cool ideas. Some of the things tend to be a little too trendy, but it's definitely a fun board to follow.


4. I Spy DIY 

This Pinterest page has Workspace and Apartment sections that can be pretty useful for smaller spaces. Also verrry extensive!



5. P.S. - I Made This…

This is full of quick DIYs that only have a couple of steps to them. Like Brit and Co, the stuff is a bit trend-conscious, but the techniques they use can be pretty useful for other things too.



6. Justina Blakeney

Curated by Designer/author/blogger/mama Justina Blakeney, the page features a lot of colorful and vibrant decors, art projects, and fashion inspirations. Her style is nature-inspired - check out her Jungalow boards - and features a lot of bohemian patterns. Anyone looking to add more life and color to their homes would be delighted by her sense of style.



What are your go-to Pinterest boards?
Share them with us in the comments below!



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