5 Rainbow Food Recipes We Love

Written by: Carla De Guzman/Tuesday, Jun 06, 2017 01:10 AM

Who doesn't want to bite into a rainbow? Over the past few years, the rainbow has come to symbolize more than every kid's dreams of ponies and fun. First devised by Gilbert Baker in 1978, the flag waves proudly as a symbol of the diversity of the LGBTQ community. There are many origin stories to the flag, but in the end, just seeing those colors together have taken on a huge meaning to the community. In celebration of pride month, and just our general love for rainbows, we've gathered our favorite rainbow recipes for you to try! Take a look at these bakes by awesome Youtube bakers, and let us know if you decide to try them out. 


Cupcake Jemma's Circus Rainbow Marshmallow Meringues



We love Cupcake Jemma's fun and easy kiss-shaped meringues! These simple little bits of sugar are pure heaven, and the simple trick of painting the inside of the piping bag is pure genius. 


The Scran Line's Harvey Milkshake



Nick of the Scran Line has a whole bunch of bakes and videos in honor of pride month, and this milkshake had a very particular inpsiration in mind. Harvey Milk was a huge inspiration to the gay community in San Francisco, and this particular milkshare was made with his memory and legacy in mind. 


Cupcake Jemma's Triple Rainbow Ombre Cake



It's hard to talk about this cake without imagining it in your head, but Cupcake Jemma's triple rainbow ombre cake is so gorgeous, we can't believe we're not eating it right now! Cutting into this cake reveals a surprise that's even better than your usual seven layer rainbows, and not to mention, the tiny rainbow on top is adorable!


Man About Cake's Rainbow Geometric Cutout Cake



There's nothing quite as fun as seeing a man make you a rainbow cake, and Man About Cake show us exactly how. His rainbow geometric cake is a thing of expertise and beauty, and while you may not end up following the recipe, it's a lot of fun to watch. 


Steve's Kitchen's Rainbow Bagels



Make your mornings extra special with these rainbow bagels! Steve, the host of the channel is so much fun to watch in his rainbow apron, and he may just inspire you to pick up the ingredients and try to make yourself some rainbow bagels at home!


Eugenie Kitchen's Rainbow Heart Cookies



Hands down, this will be the most adorable rainbow cookie you will ever see, but you can imagine, it's pretty hard to make. But the channel's baker does the job really well! And if you have the time, make sure you check out the video with the clouds too. 


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