Hot Chocloate Recipes to Keep You Warm All Winter

Written by: Carla De Guzman/Thursday, Dec 14, 2017 01:36 PM

What is it about a cup of warm sweetness that feels like a hug? With all the bright lights twinkling around us, there’s something comforting about having a cup of hot cocoa nearby to keep our hearts warm. With only so many days to go before Christmas, here’s your official excuse to start a hot chocolate habit. 


Cardamom Hot Chocolate



Add a bit of flair to your hot chocolate with this famous pairing. We’ve seen it enough times on our favorite TV shows to know that the fire-y taste of the cardamom just punches through the sweetness of the chocolate. To bring out the pods’ flavor, heat the pods with the milk for ten minutes before you add to your usual chocolate mix. 


Candy Cane Hot Chocolate



A drink so obvious, we’d be remiss to add this to the list. Skip the hard-to-find peppermint extract by adding finely crushed candy canes to your milk to infuse before you add it to your whisked hot chocolate. For a little bit of extra oomph, save a few crushed candies to sprinkle over your whipped cream. You can also opt to just use a candy cane or two to sweeten and stir your concoction.


Aztec Hot Chocolate



If you like your hot chocolate elevated to the extreme, the Aztecs have a recipe that they’ve shared for thousands of years. To your usual hot chocolate, add some honey, cloves, ground ginger, and a pinch of red pepper. 


White Hot Chocolate



Not into the whole cocoa bean thing? White hot chocolate may just be the drink for you. Stir in some finely chopped white chocolate into your milk mixture, add a dash of vanilla, and drink!


Baileys Hot Chocolate



When the kids go to sleep to wait for Santa, it’s time to break out the Baileys. Adding one part Irish cream to three parts hot chocolate adds the perfect adult kick to the drink. Feeling extra fancy? Stick your mug in the oven for a low broil and get the party started!


Tablea Hot Chocolate



These disks are famous heritage gifts in the Philippines, and you’d be hard pressed to find a home in Batangas without one. The disks are made of almost pure cocoa beans, which are roasted for a few hours before they are ground into pastes and formed into disks. Boiling it in water creates a thick and heavy mixture, because the cocoa isn’t all that refined yet. Add muscovado sugar and milk to sweeten, and you've got a sweet, creamy mug of classic tsokolate.


How do you like your hot chocolate?



About Carla De Guzman
Carla de Guzman is the author of self-published books Cities, Marry Me Charlotte B! and We Go Together. She loves to travel, coming home to her dog Kimchi and spending her weekends having dinner with her crazy family by day. By night, she’s writer and an artist, spending her midnights at her desk. Follow her on Instagram (@somemidnights) for more!

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