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For a country that spends most of the year in sweltering tropical heat, it’s interesting to note that Filipino food has some of the most hearty, warming soups in its repertoire. If you're looking to get in touch with your roots this winter, or just desperate for a little spoonful of home, try cooking up these Pinoy favorites at home. Each and every one of these soups is packed with flavor and will warm you up good!





Considered by many as the holy grail of Filipino soups (We refuse to believe otherwise!), there’s a lot of argument about how to best make your sinigang. This sour and savory soup can be made with any meat or seafood and a wild variety of sour bases (including watermelon with tamarind!). Each region in the Philippines has their own variation of this dish, so pick up a recipe online and get cooking!


Tinolang Manok



This ginger and onion based soup is a great cold-buster. Somewhat reminiscent of Korean samgyetang, tinolang manok is more subtle in flavor but is still incredibly delicious. It’s always made with boiled chicken complemented with green papaya and chili pepper leaves. Try it with a lot of rice and a little bit of fish sauce!




Bulalo.jpg maneja

Looking for a heart-stopping dish? Balikbayans love to sit down with the family and share a bowl of bulalo, a beef broth soup with a shank and bone marrow still intact! The Batangas region is lined with specialty restaurants selling this delicious soup. It’s not uncommon to  find a family poking at the marrow with a barbeque stick to get to all that sinful goodness inside. 





Photo and recipe available at Chef Pinoy Recipes

Another Batangas classic, lomi is the FIlipino version of a thickened Chinese noodle soup. While the usual lomi variations have veggies, egg, and other stock, the Batangueño lomi usually features only onions and scallions. It’s a soup made with noodles, meat, and is  usually served with a hard boiled egg on top. Oh, and did we mention that it needs a generous sprinkling of pork rinds or chicharon on top? Yum!





Photo and recipe available at Lutong Filipino

Sopas is usually part of a Filipino chef’s repertoire of kid-friendly dishes. Easy to make, easy to eat and very colorful when served, kids love the combination of macaroni pasta and hotdog. Made with evaporated milk and chicken breasts, this creamy soup is perfect for rainy days, and will bring out the kid in you. 


Arroz Caldo



Photo and recipe available at Cannot Cook

It can be argued that arroz caldo is not a soup but rather a full meal in and of itself. This porridge is made with chicken, and the flavor (with some calamansi and fish sauce) is the kick in the face you need to get up from your bed in the cold. Try making this dish and we guarantee you’ll find yourself scooping up the entire bowl. 


What other soup recipes do you love? Share them with us in the comments below!


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