Chef Yana Gilbuena's Halo-Halo Kitchen Sink Fried Rice

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We were in for a treat during Chef Yana Gilbuena's 24x24 episode when she did a cooking demo for one of her creations, the Halo-halo Kitchen Sink Fried Rice, which looked equally yummy and easy enough to cook when you need a quick but filling meal.


In her demo, Chef Yana used some leftovers from the previous night's pop-up dinner to add flavor to her fried rice. If you'd like to re-create this dish at home, you can easily replace the meats with what you have in your kitchen or fridge--ham, sausage, hotdogs (or maybe some steak?). Plus points for saying #NoToFoodWaste while taking care of yourself by cooking a nutritious and yummy dish! 


Halo-Halo Kitchen Sink Fried Rice




*Braised pork shank, diced

*Merguez sausages, sliced

*Yucca fries with grilled pineapples, diced

*Moroccan street corn

Mushrooms, sliced

Garlic, chopped

Sesame oil 

Green scallions, finely chopped

Thai chilies, chopped


Cooked rice of your choice (white rice is typically used)

*May be replaced with meats/veggies of your own preference



In a large wok pan, pre-heat sesame oil, then sauté garlic, green scallions, and thai chilies until the garlic turns into a nice golden-brown color. Add the mushrooms and sauté as well. Add the rice on top of the mushroom to form a cover, allowing the mushroom to cook a little bit more under the rice. Add the braised pork, Merguez sausages, Yucca fries and grilled pineapples. Mix all the ingredients together. 


After mixing your fried rice ingredients well, form a hole in the center of the wok to make way for two fresh eggs. Crack two eggs in the center of the pan and mix them well. Proceed to mix the egg with the rest of your fried rice. (Of course you can also beat the eggs in a separate bowl then mix into the rice, but Chef Yana's method seems much more fun to do!)


Serve in a bowl and garnish with some scallions and enjoy!

To watch the full demo and learn more about Chef Yana Gilbuena, catch the full episode on 24x24, a Lifestyle Network original series, only on Lifestyle Network. Call your cable provider to subscribe.

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Let us know if you made your own version of this dish! You can post it in the comments below or use the hashtag #LN24X24.



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