A Filipino Thanksgiving Spread

Written by: Carla De Guzman/Tuesday, Oct 17, 2017 08:51 AM

We have many things in this world to be thankful for this year. Philippine favorite Potato Corner is now open in the US, Jollibee is expanding to the UK, and ube is now apparently the flavor du jour:

(Also, can you believe how good this ube bowl by Big Island Juice Co looks?)


With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we figured we would make our thanksgiving suggestions at how to add a little of the panlasang Pinoy to a mainly American holiday:


1. Lechon



Have a Sizzling Zubuchon Sunday! ๐Ÿ˜Ž #zubuchon #sizzlinglechon #cebulechon #pinoyeats

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There is no way you can have a Filipino celebration without a roast pig, and why would you? Like the American turkey, there are many ways of consuming it. You can go classic roasted on a table, take the cheeks and make sisig, or take the leftovers and gravy to make an excellent next day paksiw. There’s no way you can go wrong. 


2. Lengua with Cream of Mushroom



Okay, so this is more of a Spanish than FIlipino dish, but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t go just as great with rice and just a little bit of stray lechon sauce. Usually made with Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup, this celebration favorite will be a hit with the attendees. 


3. Pancit Palabok



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Of course there are many variations to the Filipino classic, but when there’s a party there has to be some kind of noodle involved (for long life, as the old wive’s tale goes). But for the sake of visual appeal, we suggest going with the crowd pleaser Pancit Palabok. Made mostly with shrimp sauce, toppings range from eggs, whole shrimp, toasted garlic bits, and scallions. 


4. Leche Flan



Any celebration has a few oblong tins of these set aside. This custard flan is swimming in its own syrup, making it a crowd favorite, especially for events like Thanksgiving. 


5. Suman



This is technically a dessert, but it’s usually the food you serve when everyone is just between full and hungry again. These sweet, banana leaf-wrapped ricecakes are coconutty and delicious, and go perfectly with a small dusting of sugar and a cup of coffee. 


What Pinoy dishes remind you of home during Thanksgiving?


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