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Trish Lim loves writing about travel and the characters in her head. She's also a painter and an entrepreneur. When she's not at her desk, she's out exploring the Philippines, making art, or searching for a good cup of coffee. Check out her adventures at

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What's App in the Kitchen?
Whether you're a newbie or an expert in the kitchen, we've got just the app for you. Here are our top apps for every home cook.
Essential Kitchen Tools, Explained
Nonstick or uncoated frying pan? Wood or plastic chopping board? Here's everything you need to know about the four essential kitchen tools.
The Magic 8: Boost Your Mood with Food
Who says you can’t eat your feelings? Have a healthy serving of these dishes to help drive away the blues.
7 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Everyone Will Love
Level up your grilled cheese sandwich and surprise your loved ones with these recipe ideas.
Bartending 101: Mix It Up at Home
Want to be your own bartender? Try these quick and easy cocktail/mocktail recipes
Chef Sharwin Tee Goes Organic
This week on Curiosity Got the Chef, Chef Sharwin Tee gets a special basket of goodies from a friend. What yummy creations will he come up with?
Aloha on a Plate: A Hearty Serving of Hawaiian Style Food
What do you get when you put Aloha on a plate? Brothers Chef Adam and Lanai Tabura, owners of the Great Food Truck Race champion Aloha Plate, prepare an unforgettable gustatory experience.
Dine Your Way Through Hong Kong's Central District
Dimsum, duck, goose, and even pizza? Discover the restaurants with the best eats in Hong Kong's business district.
Let Kolohe Kai Take You Higher
Get a taste of the ocean with this Lifestyle Network original music video.
Potluck Heroes: What To Bring On Your Next Potluck
To make your life simpler, we put together a list of delicious dishes that you can whip up when the need calls for it.
Crafty Thanksgiving: 10 Incredibly Easy DIY Decor Ideas
Fill your home with the spirit of gratitude and togetherness by sprucing it up with these incredibly simple Thanksgiving-themed DIY decors.
More Than Just a Pinch
A self-made woman, cook, and entrepreneur, Portia Baluyut tackles anything life throws at her with grace and aspires for the very best that she can be - even if that means starting over. Read about her journey here!
8 Things You Didn't Know About Portia
We’ve had more than a Pinch of Portia and we still can’t get enough. Find out what else makes this charming host an all-around great person!
8 Tips for a More Festive Dining Table
Liven up your holiday dinners with these eight Christmas ideas!
Creative Design: How To Breathe Life Into Your Spaces
What does it mean to design a creative space? Erika Uichanco shares her take on the subject and shares much-needed wisdom on what to consider when undertaking such a project.
Getting to Know Cynthia
The Lifestyle Network host reveals the sweetest things in her life at the moment.
Sweet Starts: From Full-time Executive Assistant to Great Dessert Master
4 Lip-smacking Cocktails for Valentine's Day
Mixologist Kathryn Eckstein shares her recipes for inventive, lip-smacking cocktails you can do at home!
The Artist Behind the Bar: Meet Mixologist Kathryn Eckstein-Cornista
From opening beer bottles to mastering the art of mixology, Kath shares her fascinating adventures in bartending!
8 Tips for a Cozier Home
Nothing like coming home to your own cozy little nook where you can just lay down, relax, and enjoy a good book (with a cup of coffee, of course!).
5 Cleaning Hacks That Will Save You Time and Effort
We all need a few hacks to make cleaning faster and easier. Here are some of the most helpful tips that will make a big impact in your homes.
International Women's Day: The Women Who Inspire Us
This month, we celebrate YOU and all the women who have inspired you to blossom into the woman you are today. Without them, we would never have dared to do great and impossible things.
The Fearless Go-getter: Wanderrgirl Arriane Serafico
“Hello!” she says in a cheery tone as she barges through the front door, paperbag in hand. Arriving in the cafe dressed in white culottes, an electric blue cami, and a pair of sparkly sneakers, Arriane looks like the upbeat and quirky classmate you’d meet in university or a Sunday afternoon crafts workshop.
On the First Episode of Spice to Life: The Brave and Spunky Nicole Ponseca
This Women’s History Month, we celebrate ladies whose hard work, passion, and intelligence make them a force to be reckoned with in their chosen professions. One such woman is Filipina restaurateur Nicole Ponseca.
Comfortable in Her Own Skin: Elie Odigie Talks About Beauty and Strength
Elie Odigie shares her journey towards finding her advocacy and gives advice on how to deal with biases and discrimination.
Sally Camacho Puts Her Own Spin on Ensaymada
Pastry chef Sally Camacho makes her own tasty version of the classic Pinoy dessert on Spice to Life by including two of our favorite ingredients - bacon and chocolate!
Barbecued Shrimp with a Filipino Twist
Put some cajun in your kitchen! Let Milkfish owner and chef, Cristina Quackenbush, teach you how to make this New Orleans favorite with a Filipino twist.
9 Things You Didn't Know About Chef Tim Luym
You've seen him on Spice to Life. Get to know Tim Luym a little better and find out the food he loves and hates, what inspired him to be a chef, and the best part about his job!
The Ultimate Silog Breakfast: Tim's Salpicao-Silog
When it comes to breakfast, Filipinos want it big and hearty. And nothing beats a delicious serving of your favorite Silog meal.
Get Your Appetites Ready for the World Street Food Jamboree!
Twenty-five hawkers from all over the world gather for a giant street food festival! Warning: This post will make you hungry.
Madrid Fusion Manila: Changing the Way We Look at Food
“What matters is to do new things, improve, and be creative,” said Chef Joan Roca, three-Michelin-star chef of El Celler De Can Roca, ranked the No. 1 restaurant in the world.
Chef Sheldon Brings New Flavors to Pancit
No family gathering or celebration is complete without pancit! Chef Sheldon Simeon of Mala Wailea and the new Migrant Maui is no stranger to this crowd favorite.
8 Questions with Chef Sheldon
From dishwasher to executive chef - it's a classic story we all love to read or hear about. And it's a story that Chef Sheldon Simeon has lived out. Get to know him better as he answers all our questions!
Rustic Mornings: A Mother's Legacy
"Home is where the heart is. For Portia Baluyut, home is Rustic Mornings and her heart lies in the dishes she cooks and serves to its diners. But those who come to the restaurant discover that it is so much more than the food."
A Visual Artist's Greatest Masterpiece
"ERBU or Eve Red Buhay is a visual artist who has had her fair share of sorrows and hardships. She lost her husband at an early age, and found herself suddenly at the head of the household."
A Manila Food Trip with Lanai and Portia!
Check out the best eats in town, so you can go on your own foodie adventure the next time you're in Manila!
Design + Story: Benito Bautista + Roman De Peralta
Music + Film. Two artists with different passions, but the same drive to create and inspire. Watch and listen as they share a piece of themselves in this week's episode
Design + Story Live Sessions: Words of Wisdom from an Award-winning Filmmaker
For the award-winning director of Mumbai Love and Harana The Movie, everything is a never-ending learning process. And the films he makes are expressions of life as he knows it - both the mundane and extraordinary.
How Roman De Peralta Made Our Hearts Melt
Thanks to the powers of the web, we were able to watch and listen to Roman De Peralta, the talented and charming singer of the Hawaiian band Kolohe Kai, as he sang some of his most popular songs via Facebook Live.
Bottled Memories: An Interview with Perfumer Oscar Mejia
Some would call it impossible to bottle up memories and emotions, but perfumer Oscar Mejia believes otherwise.
11 TV BFFs We Love
It’s Best Friends Month here at Lifestyle Network and to celebrate, we put the spotlight on the BFFS on the television screen who inspired us and made us laugh and cry. Which BFF pair/gang are you?
Wardrobe Essentials for Every Woman: A Guide by Carla Sta Cruz + Veronica Kerzner
You don’t need a lot to wow the crowd, as two of our fabulous Design + Story artists will tell you.

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