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Shin Kitane
Shin Kitane writes to remember and believes that words have the power to heal, inspire, and move others. She dreams of a world where men and women are treated equally, where race, gender, and religion are not measures of one's worth in society. She is also a book-hoarder and a firm believer in re-watching Mean Girls and Harry Potter multiple times a year. Follow her misadventures @shinkitane on social media.

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Your DIY Party Cheat Sheet: How to Party Like a DIY Goddess
We've put together an easy-to-follow guide that will turn you into a DIY party pro in no time.
Life Lessons: Moving Halfway Across the World
Guest blogger Pat Somera shares her journey of starting a new life in a foreign country.
Speak Local: 10 Visayan Phrases That Will Come in Handy
Should you find yourself booking a ticket to a destination such as Boracay, Cebu, Bohol, or Davao, here are a few basic phrases in Visayan that you can use to communicate more effectively with the people around you.
Feast on this: Piolo x Japan
Join Piolo Pascual as he scours Osaka for the best Ramen and Okonomiyaki!
Your Home #Designspo: Finding Fresh Ideas
Find inspiration in the work of young designers making waves in the creative scene.
Home Hacks: Designing Small Spaces
Interior designer Gen Alfaro gives us the lowdown on how to maximize small spaces!
Passion Forward with Rocky Gathercole: Fashion Rebel With a Cause
Filipino avant-garde designer Rocky Gathercole goes back to his roots and helps the children of Bantay Bata through his art.
Greek Street: Your Pit Stop for Greek Comfort Food
Janice and Owen Lopena tell us about their take on Greek fusion and street food.
Why We Love Angelina Jolie
Here are a few reasons why we admire the actress, humanitarian, mother, women's rights activist, and overall badass woman that is Angelina Jolie.
Last-Minute DIY Halloween Decorations You Can Try
We've put together a list of Halloween crafts that are both easy and fun to make. Enjoy!
Quirky Christmas Tree Ideas
Here are some cool and creative ways to jazz up your Christmas decor this season!
Small Things to be Grateful For
Here's a list of the little things in life we can be grateful for even when times are tough.
Five Ways to Navigate Through a New City with Yana Gilbuena
Chef Yana Gilbuena gives us the lowdown on how she navigates through a new city.
The Gypsy Chef's Top 10 Travel Essentials
Chef Yana Gilbuena shows us what's inside her travel bag each time she goes to a new city.
The Salo Story: Finding Your Passion in Unlikely Places
The story of how Salo came to be, and how challenges can turn into opportunities to pursue one's passion.
Top Fashion Tips from Ingrid Aureada
Ingrid Aureada, currently one of Dubai's top international model bookers shares some of her favorite fashion tips with us.
Make Your Own All-Organic Body Balm
Jaime Kailani, founder of Mama Earth, shares her all-organic recipe for an effective skin balm.
Eco-Friendly and Inexpensive Gift Wrap Ideas
Earth-friendly (and cheap!) gift wrapping solutions for the season
This 2017, We Encourage You to #AchieveAmazing
Lifestyle Network welcomes 2017 with a reminder to always believe in yourself and achieve something amazing along the way.
When Ballet Is Life: Life Lessons from Angela Grant
London-based ballet teacher Angela Grant gives us helpful tips on life, fitness, and allows us a peek into her life as a ballerina.
Liz Casasola's Top 5 Selfie Date Spots in NYC
Let Liz take you on a tour of the most photogenic and me-time friendly spots in the Big Apple!
Food Maps: Dishes You Absolutely Need to Try in Thailand
Going to Thailand anytime soon? Here are some of the most delicious dishes you must try!
Pantone's Greenery: Create an Invigorating Space at Home With this Zesty, Refreshing Color
Artist and Interior Designer Danielle Asegurado gives us tips on how to incorporate Greenery in home design.
10 Reasons Why Couples Should Travel Together
Here's why traveling with your S.O. is important, especially if you're getting serious.
Self-Care Ideas Every Woman Must Try
Loving yourself is as important as loving others, and learning to take care of yourself is a great way to start.
Sofia Cope: Overcoming Self-Doubt and Pursuing Growth
Sofia Cope talks about self-empowerment and making things happen.
Together We Can Break Barriers
Women's Month is a special time for us, and this time we'd like to celebrate women who dared to defy social norms.
TestMNL: Fighting the stigma attached to HIV
Breaking barriers is also about challenging stigmas attached to certain issues.
Bald and Beautiful
Bald Girls Do Lunch is a non-profit organization for women dealing with hair loss due to alopecia areata.
Janice Villanueva, Mommy and Revisionary
Learn about the empowering story of Janice Villanueva, the woman who started Mommy Mundo to help other moms like her.
Thea Chassin: Inspiring Other Women to Be Comfortable and In Control
Thea Chassin talks about how being bald does not have to limit women.
Should You Take a Food Intolerance Test? Mari Jasmine Shares Her Story
Celebrity Blogger, Model and TV Host Mari Jasmine talks about her experience with food intolerances and how taking a simple test turned her health around for the better.
Art That Transcends Barriers
Student filmmakers from various Asian countries gather in a 13-day event to produce short films.
Finding Beauty in Brokenness: How One Woman Turned to Art for Healing after Being Diagnosed with Endometriosis
Learn how one woman's struggle with endometriosis inspired her to create art and reach out to others.
Meet Jaime Kailani in 24x24
Jaime Kailani, big sis to Bruno Mars, welcomes us to her world in 24x24.
Hilary Isaac's Top Fitness Tips for Busy Moms
Tough Girl and Hot Momma Hilary Isaac Shares Her Top 5 Fitness Tips
Making a Tough Girl: Hilary Isaac's Journey
Find out how this fitness coach, bodybuilder, and supermom found strength despite all the trials she faced.
Peachie Dioquino on Motherhood and Following Your Dreams
Motherhood doesn't have to be the end of your career, as evidenced by Peachie Dioquino, a successful environmental activist in the global scene.
Jean Lim of Holy Smithereens Talks Passion, Diving, and Luxury Travels on 24x24
Luxury travel blogger Jean Carmela Lim is always on the lookout for that next Holy Smithereens inducing moment.
The Complex World of Gender and Sexuality
A few basic facts on the world of gender identities and expressions in what is called "the gender revolution."
Here's a Sneak Peek Into Ha'a Keaulana's 24x24.
Catch Ha'a Keaulana on 24x24.
Haa Keaulana: Water Woman from Makaha
Catch Ha'a Keaulana on 24x24.
The Art of Extra: Makeup Tips from Drag Queens
Drag queen makeup tips to help you slay your next look!
Two of A Kind: Let's Talk About Race, Gender, and Color
Find out what happens when two people from opposite poles become friends.
A Sommelier's Tips for Enjoying a Wine Tour
International Wine Expert, Sommelier and Gastronomist Arlene Oliveros gives us tips on how to fully enjoy a wine region tour!
Why is Finding Your Passion so Important?
We've heard it time and time again but why is it important to start doing what you love?
Girlboss Alert: Catch Denise Svensson on 24x24 Soon
Watch out for this Filipina Girlboss Soon on 24x24
Meet the multi-millionaire who gave up everything he owned to travel the world.
Discover adventure, food, music, and culture on Discovering Routes.
Rocky Gathercole unveils new collection at a fundraising event for abused Filipino children.
Gathercole showcased his new collection in a powerful display of new pieces narrating the story of his life.
This show is a must-watch for interior designers starting their own business.
A Bryk at a Time is both your inspirational and home design show rolled into one.
The Gee Siblings Spot a Sea Cow
Garrett and Miristi find a sea cow during an adventure in Coron Island.
Filipino Chef Jam Melchor Part of Top 25 International Chefs at Le Tavole Accademiche 2017
Kapampangan chef Jam Melchor is all set to feature Philippine cuisine in Pollenzo, Italy this October.
Rose McGowan speaks up against Weinstein and proves we can (and should) stand up against oppressors.
Rose McGowan is living proof that we can (and should) speak up against oppressors.
Common Room's Roma Agsalud Talks About Starting a Small Business
Roma Agsalud talks about how important it is to figure passion into whatever endeavor you are in.
Ways to Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risk
Be proactive and reduce your risk of getting breast cancer by managing your weight, diet, and stress levels.
Award-Winning Sangria Recipe
As seen on Casa Daza, this award-winning Sangria recipe from Barcelona can now be served at your next party.
Sandy Daza's Classic Kare-Kare
Casa Daza shows us how kare-kare is done!
Sandy Daza's Chicken Pork Adobo Recipe
Sandy Daza shows us his version of the classic Filipino dish.
Cook for Books: Chef Sharwin Tee Raises Funds to Build Public Libraries Across the Philippines
Curiosity Got the Chef TV Host Sharwin Tee makes good on his promise to raise enough money to build libraries for kids in need.
The 100 Days of Mindfulness Challenge
A challenge to help you become more mindful.
Travel Essentials for First-Time Backpackers
Want to try backpacking? Here are a few tips.
Filipino Designer Jef Albea Showcases Gorgeous Bridal Collection at NYFW
Jef Albea wowed New York with a gorgeous collection of bridal gowns.
We are Women
This Women's Month is about speaking our minds and standing up for what we believe in.
Fit for the Right Reasons: How One Woman Transformed Body and Mind
Barbie works in the TV production industry. After a series of deaths within the entertainment world due to overwork and stress, she took it upon herself to get stronger, and she got fitter and healthier in the process.
Coach Ani de Leon Brown: Winning depends on the right mindset
The Filipina Ironwoman is a two-time Ironman Championships qualifier and has trained some of the best athletes in the Philippines.
Filipina Ironwoman and National Triathlon Coach Ani de Leon-Brown Answers Your Fitness Questions
Coach Ani shares her tips for motivating oneself prior to a big race, nutrition tips, and more.
Fil-Am restaurateur Patrice Cleary of Purple Patch DC: Speaking Love through Filipino Food
From the marine corps to the kitchen, restaurateur and chef Patrice Cleary is a woman of action and passion.
This is for you, if you keep going back to the one person that’s bad for you.
An imaginative piece about the journey of getting hurt, trying to let go, and learning to love yourself again.
This is For the Days You Find it Hard to Love Yourself
How would things change if we treated ourselves like friends?
A quick reminder on non-conformity in a world that tells you what to do
It’s so easy to forget about your realities—your paycheck, your mortgage, your bills—when you’re face-to-screen with the shiniest iPhone, or the newest highlighter palette.
More than just a clothing line: Fil-Am brand HYR.UP Division promotes creative self-expression among young people
Fil-Am brand HYR.UP Division promotes creative self-expression among young people
Say It With Flowers
Decorate your space with meaningful, colorful blooms.
YAS Spotlight: Jef Albea Designs Sizzle on India Intimate Fashion Week
International Fashion Week favorite Jef Albea showcases yet another exquisite collection on IIFW 2018.

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